Tell Your Story

All Sunnybrookers are welcome to share their stories about their experiences of racism and colonialism at the hospital. We have a very broad definition of who is eligible to participate. In addition to current staff, learners and volunteers, we also welcome former Sunnybrookers, members who are involved in Sunnybrook-linked groups (such as the Indigenous Advisory Working Group, Black Data Governance Table, Indigenous Data Governance Table), members of the medical-dental-midwifery staff association, and anyone who has an affiliation with Sunnybrook.

If you are not sure, please feel free to contact Oshan Fernando by email at oshan dot fernando at

Here Are The Steps

Step 1:  Contact the Research Coordinator

Reach out to Oshan at oshan dot fernando at using your Sunnybrook email (if you have one). If you do not have a Sunnybrook email, please use your current institutional email address (if you have one) or your personal email with a brief description of your association with Sunnybrook.

Step 2: Eligibility verification and Documentation

We will verify your eligibility to participate and, if eligible, connect with you to answer any questions you might have and to complete the Informed Consent Process. We will also provide you with a survey to collect some anonymized demographic information (such as your racial identity, age, gender etc.)

Step 3: Prepare!

Take some time to think of the story you would like to share. You have the option of using video/audio, or only audio, to record your story. You may pause, stop, restart the recording if you wish.

Step 4: Scheduling and recording

We will email you a link to a page with a Zoom link that you can use to record your story. We will also provide you with additional guidance about how to record your story which you may do at a date/time of your choice.

Step 5: The Final Details!

Your story will be uploaded to a secure server. We will contact you to thank you for your time, arrange honorarium, and ask you to fill out a media release form which you can use to tell us whether/ how we could use your story.

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